Thursday, October 7, 2010

I have changed my blog

I will not use this blog
I have changed to other blog

here is the new blog

Sunday, August 22, 2010


when grandma was here, i always went back to penang to see her
everyday went to hospital to accompany her while preparing for the exam
but why
why i couldn't manage to pass all the 3 papers one shot ?!
i could score T7 and T9 with flying marks , but why not T8 ?
can i just contra the 3 papers to make all 3 papers pass ????
now grandma was not here, and i made her disapponted !
i didn't make my promise
i fail !!
i want to go home !!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010



grandma's life before she passed away ~
what the sad news when everyone of us hoping that grandma can recover from sick
and finally we received the bad news that grandma suffered the cervical cancer !!
oh my god !! how and why ??
why did u give my grandma such a suffering life during her old times ?
everyone of us thought that grandma can be recovered !
doctor estimated that grandma still have 1/2 year life time
but then why it is so fast ? just 2 or 3 weeks life time !
i really couldn't accept this fact !
last monday night i received an emergency call from mom
she said that grandma had difficulty in breathing and wanted me to go back home next day
yea, the next day i arrived at hospital and went to see grandma
everyone asked me not to touch grandma to prevent her from waking up
because once she is awake, she will very pain due the cancer !
so, she never knew that i was beside her that time
after that, ambulans sent her home. this was what the the bad and sad news began !
because once she was homed , then we had to be well prepared that she will go in any minutes !
but, grandma was so strong and tough ! she had difficulty in breathing whole day !
we touched her softly, asked her not to worry, not to scare !
until the next morning 6am something, my mom knocked my room door loudly said grandma got breathing problem !
i got a shock, and jumped from bed and ran to see grandma.
everyone of us were beside grandma, talked to her touched her.
around 7.30am, my dad asked us to hold her hand.
at this moment , i remember clearly this moment !
grandma passed away. she couldn't standstill anymore.
she felt good when everyone of us holding her hands. so she just left us.
we cried badly sadly... this moment, everyone of us just couldn't accept the fact that grandma had passed away !

is it good for grandma to go away from suffering the pain and sickness ?
hopefully it is ~ and I love grandma ! I miss grandma !
I know I cant do anything for her right now, because it is too late !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

this kind of life sucks !

the day when everyone start enjoying their holidays, was the day I start suffering from exam !
I don't like this life, but what to do ?
I still have to study for exam, right ?
T7 - just like gonna to vomit blood ! at least got 60% confidence to pass .
T8 - just like straight go to the hell ! I dont even have confident to pass .
T9 - just like okay okay ! I got confident to pass, but I know that I don't have chance to get free meal !
but now, guess what ? suffer over ! exam over !
yeepee ~~
after T9 , finally I got a chance to go to Dragon-I to enjoy my 'xiao long bao' with my beloved classmates fong yee, lee teng and agnes ting!
wow wow ~
so nice ! I like very much ! I just can't wait to eat 'xiao long bao' again !
and today morning is the day for me to go back my beloved hometown BM !
oh no, what the bad luck today !
at 1st, I just too nervous and couldn't find out my ticket !
I rushed here and there just want to find ticket, but it didn't want to appear !
2nd, I went to bus stop to wait for shuttle bus !
but until 7.35am, it still hasn't came ! oh no, no more waiting for shuttle bus at this moment !
so I was waiting for cab ! got so many cabs that I wanted to take !
but every cabs inside got passengers ! what the hell !
7.40am, I couldn't to wait for cab anymore, I knew I have no much time and I didn't dare to take the risk !
so, I decided to walk to sunway lagoon in case I miss the bus to back to BM !
oh swt ! the journey is damn long ! my luggage is damn heavy ! and my legs are damn tired !
I was so scared along the journey ! because I was just alone and there got too many strangers !
finally 7.50am I reached sunway lagoon and I could board the bus on time ! *yay yay*
3rd, around 8.20am the bus stopped at Rawang Rest Area because the bus got problem !
and they took time to repair the bus ! oh swt ! =.=
but finally I reached BM at 12.45pm safely ! oh yay ! I love BM !

Saturday, June 5, 2010

just simply a feeling

I miss you !
seriously !
I can't wait
for the day coming XD I freaking want to see you !
I can't
concentrate on my study just simply because I miss you !
I want to talk
with you, but I don't know whether are you free now .
Can you give me
a message if you see this post ? XD

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rest In Peace, Chin Sheng

at first, i thought i am tough enough to face it
but finally i realised i couldn't be tough
i cannot control my tears falling down
how did i know chin sheng??

2007 when i was in form 4, i stepped in the class...
and i discovered 1 people whose nametag is purple colour, not red colour
obviously he is 1 year older than me
he was not supposed to step in form 4S5 classroom
when i planned to tell him :"hey guy, i think you're in wrong classroom now", i was told by ket meng that he was sick before and couldn't attend his form 4 life in 2006, so 2007 he rejoined the form 4 life with us.

okay, fine... that time i saw him - healthy guy, normal guy... he didn't look like a sick people at all!!!
but after some months, he was missing in my class...
i heard people said he was in hospital.. the leukemia attacked him again!!

2008 yes, i was not same class with him anymore, he was in 5S7.. he attended class for a few months too... but after that, he skipped the class... and he was no longer in jit sin...
i heard people said he was at KL to cure his sickness!!
fine, i thought everything will be fine to him!! and he will recover from the sick!!

2009 around december, i received an urgent message! HE NEEDS LOTS OF BLOOD - O TYPE BLOOD, AND IN ICU GENERAL HOSPITAL PENANG!!
i was so helpless..i couldn't help him at all!! i am B type!! i helped to forward the message!!
i thought he could get well soon after blood transfering!!

2010 21st jan, i received a message!! CHONG CHIN SHENG PASSED AWAY IN THE MORNING!!
what the bad news!!!

i am not tough enough to accept this fact!! can someone tell me that is fake?? he never pass away?? he is still in this world.. he still able to continue his life..
but ... nobody can tell me this, because this is the fact!! he passed away...

so, i don't want to receive any bad or sad news from now onwards please!!
dear god, can you please let everyone around me stay healthy and peace in this world??

Sunday, January 17, 2010

long time no post
don't know why
want to shopping, but yet no mood
i have mood, but yet lazy and tired
how come??
don't i like shopping so much??
today i got a damn bad news
so sad when knew it
i don't know jason ch'ng, he doesn't know me too
but i felt so sad for him
he passed away
and he will never wake up forever
why did god take away his life??
why don't let him to continue his life??
we couldn't know tomorrow who can still stay alive
we couldn't know what our god want from us
we couldn't know what will happen to us in the next second
we couldn't know everything right now!!
we shouldn't always complain life's bad, life's no good, life's bored
do we think that one day if we just pass away like jason ch'ng
we will regret our complaints
so, please stop complaining!!
what can we do now
is let us pray to god
let us pray to god
hope jason ch'ng rest in peace
and hope tomorrow all of us will get the good news that those missing students return to their home safely
praying hard to god!!